What have the state achieved so far? You can add more too

What have the state achieved so far? You can add more too


The state achieved so much in this situation.  I just can point out to a few of them:

  • The State propaganda machine is getting stronger as ever, fighting us and

Controlling us.

  • It manged to carry out its plan: abolition of the cash system as it was a difficult task.  Post-corona paying by cards all the time will a common thing and the number of the cash users getting less and less eventually.
  • Smashed the small business and Self Employee to clear all the ways for big corporations.
  • Made everybody dependent on the state.
  • Creating cheap appreciation, like clap for NHS staff that does not cost any of us a penny. And also deceiving us that it is looking after all of us and “we’re all in it together”
  • After failure of globalisation and the free market, the state tries to intervene more. In other words it might want to implement: John Keynes theory. The economic game. What is Keynes solution? The State should increase expenditure.  How? By increasing the purchasing power of the workers.  How is this dirty game works? Of course, it does not work for many reasons.  I just say one of them, it is a political game because, with one hand you empty the worker’s pocket while with the other you fill it up.
  • The way of working at home will be common. People stick with this after the corona over.  This weakening the colleagues and friends relationship.  It will weak Union further as well. And also many of us now doing meeting on line, this unfortunately becomes the way of our meetings after Corona that never replace the face to face meeting.
  • Killed all the demos and protests at least until another 6 months when they review the Emergency Bill which supposed to last for 2 years.

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